About Flooring Waste

This website has been created as a result of funding from WRAP and BRE Trust. It acts as a useful resource for those who want to know more about flooring waste and how it can be managed.

It has information for 5 types of flooring: Broadloom carpet and underlayment, Carpet tiles, Resilient flooring, Hard flooring, Resin flooring

There is also a search function to help those who have flooring waste to find appropriate facilities within a specified radius who can deal with it.

This website is part of the newly formed ‘Flooring Sustainability Partnership' which has been created as part of the work carried out by the Contract Flooring Association and BRE on an action plan for flooring waste. This work was initiated by the Construction Products Association as part of their commitments within the Strategy for Sustainable Construction. More information on the action plan can be found here.